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COMIN’ AT YA (1981)

                    BLURAY COMIN                                                                      COMIN’ AT YA (1981) -BLU RAY- MVD VISUALS-  $24.99


People rave over Quentin Tarantino’s self-indulgent crap while forgetting that Q.T. rips off films like this and claims they are merely homages.  Well, yours truly prefers to see the original films.   They aren’t classics, and many are not original, but also they are not self-important. They are ENTERTAINMENT.

One of those films that was made to entertain was the 3-D packed COMIN’ AT YA (1981).


A huge hit when it came out (supposedly it was briefly withdrawn during its initial run due to running out of 3-D glasses!), this was the third western from star Tony Anthony and director Ferninando Baldi (their previous collaborations were BLINDMAN (1971) costarring Ringo Starr and GET MEAN (1975).    COMIN’ AT YA was their biggest hit together, which was followed up by another 3-D film, TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS (1983), an Indiana Jones clone.


Tony Antony had been born Roger Pettito in the U.S., but his frustration in minor American films (FORCE OF IMPULSE (61), which he wrote and starred in using the Tony Anthony moniker and which co-starred Robert Alda and John Carroll Naish) seemed to have led him like many American actors to a career in Italy (La ragazza in prestito/Engagement Italiano (1964) had him working with Rossano Brazzi).

In 1967, he was cast for the first time as “The Stranger” in ‘Un dollar tar i denti’/ A DOLLAR BETWEEN THE TEETH (1967). The Spaghetti Western had taken off fully after Clint Eastwood did A FISTFUL OF DOLLAR /’Per un pugno di dollar’ (1964).    There had been Italian made westerns as early as the 1950s, but after Eastwood’s film did rake in fistfuls of dollars worldwide, the floodgates truly opened.  Westerns were popular still in the U.S., but the John Wayne style western were not making the box office splash of those made in Italy and Spain. There was an energy, edginess, more explosive violence and cinematic language that these films had that brought audiences in.

maybe this poster inspired anthony to use 3d   released in s[pecial edition by blue undergorund(Maybe this poster for GET MEAN inspired Anthony to try 3-D? (Blue Underground released the 2 disc special edition blue ray/dvd combo set ) .

However, by the mid-1970s, Westerns had begun to lose their appeal, so that fewer and fewer were being made either here or abroad.

3-D had also had waves of popularity from the 1950s, with sputters during the 1960s and 1970s (FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN,1973 perhaps the most popular).  It was a gimmick that mostly seemed confined to soft core porn films.


Suddenly, 3-D came back into vogue, thanks to COMIN’ AT YA.  This was not the first 3-D western (there were several in 1953, including John Wayne’s HONDO) but this may be the first Spaghetti western in the process. A co-production by U.S. film and television production company Filmways (who acquired American International Pictures in 1979) and Lupo-Anthony Productions with monies coming from various countries, it was filmed in a single strip 3-D system. Two Techniscope frames, one for left eye and one right eye, were stacked one above each other in the same area as one ordinary Techniscope -format frame. The problem with this system is that it had to be projected through a polarizing filter, and then being viewed through glasses meant there was a huge loss of light, resulting in a dimmer image on screen when projected.    Thus a lot of these films looked somewhat dark to the average movie goer.  It didn’t hurt the box office for the film, as it was such a hit they had to withdraw temporarily as they ran out of 3d glasses!   Anthony seems to have pretty much retired after making TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS in 1983, so I am sure he did pretty well for himself with these movies.

The restoration of the current BLU RAY release by MVD does much to correct the problem of dark images from screenings past.  The restoration was supervised under the direction of Tony Anthony, and it seems that a lot of original elements as possible were used. It is a shame they didn’t include a commentary track with Anthony, because I am sure he would have been full of fascinating stories. The only real extra is a trailer and a 3-d promo reel. Oddly, they do not include the original trailer used for the U.S., as that had no footage from the film but instead explained the 3-D process.


Still the real prize is getting this film in such fine condition 35 years on. To view it in 3-D, you must have a Blu-Ray Player and Television 3-D system to see the full effects. Watching it in 2-D, I was able to enjoy the film fine and saw a lot of effects where the images were thrust toward the audience.


 (1950s matinee with kids enjoy 3-d leaping right out at you!)

The first ten minutes are dialogue free, and are mostly a black and white flashback of Anthony’s character H.H. Hart (who at times, looks like a thinner Burt Young) is about to be married to Abilene (Spanish actress Victoria Abril, who was Queen Isabella in the 1976 film ROBIN & MARIAN, and later an Almodovar regular). Through the door burst two gunslingers, brothers Pike (co-screenwriter Gene Quintano) and Polk (Ricardo Palacios). They shoot and kill the unfortunate priest and wound Hart (a neat effect has the blood in bright red shooting out).  The two baddies then grab the bride and storm out.  Pike by the way has the word “Love “written on his fingers, which makes me think they were harkening back to the classic NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955).



Hart survives and spends the rest of the film trying to get her back, killing the members of their gang as he inches closer and closer to them.  He meets a crazy Scotsman (Lewis Gordon, who would work with Anthony on his next film) who seems to know a lot for some odd reason and lets H.H. know why his wife was kidnapped (we have no idea how much time has passed, but it seems it is only a short time, meaning that H.H. heals very quickly!)  The outlaws, it seems kidnap women and sell them to brothels down in Mexico.

Comin_At_Ya_review_Fantastic_Fest_featured_photo_gallery (1)

A big scene has a group of frightened and abused female captives in an old tower attacked by a swarm of bats (inspired perhaps by KISS OF THE VAMPIRE,1963, with faker looking bats if you can believe it. Many is the time that you can see the string as they bob up and down and flying toward the lens *). Later, when H.H. kills Polk, Pike kills all the women except Abilene, hoping to have his revenge on our hero.


That pretty much is the plot of the film.  Then again, most spaghetti westerns pretty much were revenge films, often with a nasty streak to them so it pretty much follows the formula.   The multi-dimensional effects are what made this film stand. Like so many 3-D films, the quality of the effects go from “Wow, cool” to “oh I see the wires “.


A major problem that man people have with the film is its dependence on a LOT of slow motion. I mean, a LOT!    Since Peckinpah created the bloody ballet of violence in THE WILD BUNCH (1969) a lot of filmmakers tried to emulate it with varying degrees of success.   This was not one of the more successful uses of it, but it does pad the film’s meager plot line to barely feature length (87 minutes, not the 91 listed, and that includes the long title sequence at the end).   Also , a lot of scenes switch to black & white for no reason.


Still, it is a well-made film that does what it promises, it has things coming’ at ya. Snakes, yo-yos (shades of HOUSE OF WAX,1953!), grain, guns, flaming arrows, spears, orange peels, a baby’s bottom, and more.

The score by Carlo Savina has an epic full orchestral feel, mixed with harmonica, a la Ennio Morricone. Savina is best known for his score for Mario Bava’s  Lisa e il diavolo /  LISA & THE DEVIL (1973).

Spanish cinematographer (the film it seems was lensed in Spain) Fernando Arribas had shot films like THE BLOOD SPLATTERED BRIDE (1972) to the arthouse “La casa de Bernarda Alba”/THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA (1987). Thanks to MVD’s restoration, the color and brightness is restored so we can truly appreciate his cinematography.    The film does have some speckling, including certain spots that appear to be from the lens and transferred over to the negative image.

comin at Ya 1

The film is far from a classic but you must appreciate that this movie reignited, for better or worse, the 3-D craze of the 1980s.

*-The screams heard in the bat sequence supposedly were lifted from the English dub track of Dario Argento’s INFERNO (1980)

“WARNING: The Management Is Not Responsible For Where The Screen Ends And You Begin!”.  (tagline on one of the film’s posters)

-Kevin G Shinnick


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release 2.22.2016 (UK) http://www.arrowfilms.co.uk/shop/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=amer&product_id=642

release 2.23.2016 (U.S.)


With the major studios neglecting their catalogs to mostly burning DVD on demand, it is refreshing that the indie distributors have rushed in to rescue so many obscure, neglected gems.

One of these distributors is the U.K.’s Arrow Video. Now entering the U.S. market, they are giving both markets a new 6 disc (3 Blu-ray 3 DVD) collection, AMERICAN HORROR PROJECT Vol 1. These films are very obscure, but definitely worth seeing, so kudos for releasing them at all. However, not being content with just that, Arrow has done an amazing job on cleaning up these films and adding a lot of extras that make these must have for horror fanscover 1

MALATESTA’S CARNIVAL OF BLOOD (1973) –not to be confused with ‘CARNIVAL OF BLOOD” (1973) starring a pre “ROCKY” Burt Young, this is an odd, stream of conscience surreal movie. A family (parents Elizabeth Henn and Paul Hostetler and their teen daughter, Vena (Janine Carazo)) move onto the grounds of a run-down carnival. There they encounter a lot of odd characters who live and work on the park, including Bobo (Herve Villechaize, one year prior to the better none and also odd SEIZURE (1974) and four years prior to yelling “De Plane! DE Plane!” on T.V. ‘s ‘Fantasy Island”).  The reason the carnies are so odd is that they live under the carnival and are a combination of vampires (one character spouts fangs and there is some blood draining) and ghouls (i.e. cannibals).


For a low budget film shot over a short 4-week period, the movie in this print looks pretty good. What is more amazing is that only one print remains of this film, so that we have it all is a bit of a miracle. Some film scratches and grain, but it actually adds to the feel of this film.

malatestas-carnival-of-blood (1)

I kept thinking of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974) due to its odd found material set design, though this film predates that horror classic by a year.


In fact, it often reminded me of some of the odd Off Broadway shows that one would catch in little hole in the wall spaces during the 1960s and 1970s in NYC.  This could be due too to its cast consisting of many Broadway, Off Broadway and Philadelphia area stage actors.


A few years ago, the director Christopher Eric Speeth had a website where he was selling DVDs of the film, along with a few extra bits of gut munching that the MPAA had required them to remove.

original dvd(the director’s own dvd release)

Now I think that some of that material has been ported over into the extras for these discs, as well as more special material.


An informative newly shot interview with director Christopher Eric Speeth reveals much about making the film.  He met producer Richard Grosser   aboard an airplane and they discussed making the movie (all I ever meet on airplanes are screaming children and airsick passengers!). Grosser, who also handled special effects, had access to Six Gun Territory, formerly Willow Grove Park, where John Phillip Sousa used to perform (now the land is a shopping center). Its sad shape showed an amusement park that was barely holding on (indeed it would close down a year later) but it’s seediness was perfect for the film.  A local warehouse was used for filming the “underground” world of the ghouls. What is most interesting is the care that went into the sound design, much of which was probably lost when the film was mixed to mono sound for its theatrical release. Also he lets us know about the careers of many of the actors in the film, many with Broadway credits (one of whom starred in the Tony Roberts’ revival of ARSENIC & OLD LACE on Broadway) as well as performers from the Yale Rep Company. He spokes most glowingly about the late Herve Villechaize, whom he describes as charming and lovely to work with.


Richard Harland Smith (who identifies himself as from MOVIEMORLOCKS from TCM) does a superb job providing an entertaining and informative audio commentary.



Also included are a still photo gallery.

cover 3

Next up is the only film on the set that I actually saw in the theatres, THE PREMONITION (1976). The film is a slick kidnapping film mixed with precognition (future sight) telekinetic powers.   A young girl(Danielle Brisbois, later known from T.V.’s ‘Archie Bunker’s Place “,is kidnapped from her foster parents by her crazed biological mother ,Andrea (Ellen Barber, appearing the following year in the Larry Cohen film ,THE PRIVATE LIFE OF J.EDGAR HOOVER, 1977) and her mime performer  boyfriend ,Jude (the ever brilliant Richard Lynch).The bereaved parents enlist the aid of a psychic to interpret the dreams of adoptive mother Sheri  ( Sharon Farrell, NIGHT OF THE COMET ,1984    )Can they lead them the police, led by Det. Lt. Mark Denver (acting coach and character actor supreme Jeff Corey, one of the mutants from BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES,1970)  to the young girl before something bad happens ?


THE PREMONITION probably was the easiest film for fans to see, as it was released by Embassy Video on VHS in the late 1980s and a DVD was released in 2005 by Media Blasters. That previous out of print DVD had a commentary with director Robert Allen Schnitzer and interviews with Schnitzer and Richard Lynch. These extras have been ported over from that release. The most impressive thing is that the film looks super sharp, thanks to a great clean up.

The thing I remember most about this film was Lynch’s amazing on screen presence. Lynch, whose scarred appearance was due to his self-immolation under drug influence in 1967, was an actor who was always a memorable screen villain. In his film debut, SCARECROW (1973), he tries to rape Al Pacino in prison, which resulted in his being beaten to a pulp by Gene Hackman *. His villainy also graced movies as diverse as SWORD & THE SORCERER (1982) to THE FORBIDDEN DANCE (1990).  Surrounded by wonderful actors, Lynch truly steals the film with his mesmerizing performance. You really fear that this child is not long for the world by film’s end.




  • -Off stage and screen, Lynch and Pacino were good friends. Lynch won a Tony nomination for his portrayal of a wheelchair bound Army Vet in “The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel 1977.


cover 2

  • Finally, we have THE WITCH WHO CAME FROM THE SEA (1976) . The film was mentioned in several horror film mags during the 1990s, often with its intriguing poster as it’s singular illustration (the artwork ripped off from a Frank Frazetta piece) However, it remained nearly impossible to find. It’s VHS release from Unicorn Video went out of print very quickly. It also had a limited DVD release from Subversive Cinema (more on that later).

   (was Frazetta aware of this reworking of his artwork ?)

Therefore, I am glad to finally get to see this film. Millie Perkins (known best as Anne Frank in the 1959 film adaptation of the stage play THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK) portrays Molly, a barmaid who is subject to very violent sex fantasies -or are they merely her imagination?  Written by Robert Thom (co-screenwriter for DEATH RACE 2000 ,1975) for Perkins, his wife, it is more a disturbing character psychological study than out and out horror film. The director, Matt Cimber was a former off Broadway director (who was the third husband of Jane Mansfield) but is better known for films like Pia Zadora’s BUTTERFLY (1982) and THE CANDY TAMBOURINE MAN (1975). The character that Perkins plays is a sad and fascinating character, whose bloody violent rages are sudden and shocking. Perkins was never an actress who had impressed me (I felt she was directed to be too Pollyanna as Anne Frank) but here, she really holds your attention.


Witch VHS

Subversive Cinema found the original negative to WITCH, which is where this print is ported over from. That DVD is long out of print, but kudos for the effort that such a small company went through to save this film. The commentary track from that release, featuring Cimber and Perkins is also featured in this release.


Those expecting a gory low budget horror film will be disappointed by this film (although there is definitely disturbing gore as well as nudity). Those who go in open to seeing an indie film that only could get a release in the 1970s will truly appreciate this rare little oddity.


This collection will boast Brand new 2K restorations of all three features.

HI-DEF Blu-ray(1080p) and standard DVD presentations.


English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Reversible art work sleeves for each film featuring new artwork by “The Twins of Evil”. (not included in the screeners that I received)

American Horror Project Journal Volume 1 -a Limited edition 60-page booklet (also not included in the screeners that I received).

jeff c

AMERICAN HORROR PROJECT VOLUME 1 is a limited release of a 3000 set run, so snap these up as soon as you can before they are gone.

I’m already looking forward to what Volume Two might possibly offer.


  • -Kevin G Shinnick

American Horror Project Vol 1 (Arrow US) (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo All Region)

•Brand new 2K restorations of the three features
•High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard DVD presentations
•English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
•Reversible sleeves for each film featuring original and newly-commissioned artwork by the Twins of Evil
•American Horror Project Journal Volume I – Limited Edition 60-page booklet featuring new articles on the films from Kim Newman (Nightmare Movies), Kier-La Janisse (House of Psychotic Women) and Brian Albright (Regional Horror Films, 1958-1990)

•Brand new interview with director Christopher Speeth
•Brand new interview with writer Werner Liepolt
•Draft Script (BD/DVD-ROM content)
•Production stills gallery

•Audio commentary with director Matt Cimber, actress Millie Perkins and director of photography Dean Cundey
•Brand new interview with director Matt Cimber
•Brand new interview with Dean Cundey
•Brand new interview with actor John Goff

•Audio commentary with director-producer Robert Allen Schnitzer
•Brand new interview with composer Henry Mollicone
•Interview with actor Richard Lynch
•Three Robert Allen Schnitzer short films: ‘Vernal Equinox’, ‘Terminal Point’ and ‘A Rumbling in the Land’
•4 “Peace Spots”
•Trailers and TV Spots




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sex do


SEX DO’s & DON’TS (50s Teens Learn How To Survive Sex & Puberty)-Alpha Video Color/B&W 110 minutes’ total. (1947-1961) $ 7.98 DVD available at http://www.oldies.com/product-view/7746D.html

For those of a “certain age” (i.e. -yes we are older now), there would come a time in school when the teacher would pull out the film strip projector, or, even better, the A.V. kid would roll in the 16mm projector. A break from the routine in the learning day. However, sometimes, the classes would be divided into girls one room and boys into another. Time for the dreaded “sex end “film!


Well, perhaps not dreaded. At least for the boys, there would be a lot of whoops and smutty (at least in our minds) comments, the gym teacher who would be forced to
supervise us would say “Shut your mouths and pay attention or I promise you a year of detention!!”

The films would tell us in the driest and clinical terms about how our bodies were changing, sometimes with hair growing in places via animated figures that would look like a naughty werewolf transformation.

The films most often would be warnings. Warning on how to act. How to date. Don’t talk to strangers (before the era of “stranger danger”). Usually the acting, if any, was of the level of a high school play. The somberness made the films seem even longer than their short running times, but eventually, the lights would go on and the coach would bark “Any questions?”, grateful that we did not have any.


Nowadays, these films are a look back at over earnest if often inept attempts to keep us on the straight and narrow. Nowadays we can watch these films as time capsules of the eras in which they were made. Plus, we can laugh and make comments without the coach threatening to ruin our afternoons until summer vacation. At least, I hope not.

Now, ALPHA VIDEO has gathered a collection of sex ed films (that actually were released from 1947 to 1961) that you can watch and enjoy with friends or by yourself (and yes, sexual innuendo intended!).

First up, McGraw Hill shows us “Human Reproduction” (1947). This b&w educational film shows us a rather staid stiff family. John & Mary Burke are two people who seem like they are the template for every 50s sitcom mom and dad- clean cut and hardly responsive to each other. When Johnny Burke Jr asks dad where do babies come from, dad says from women “From the grace of heaven.”

While little Johnny accepts this little religious pass the buck, dad furrows his brow and thinks of the boy will want more details.

We then get some very limited animation and plaster replicas of the human bod and reproductive system. Hard to believe that this caused a controversy about sex education in the schools, but this was also the era when people were still going to segregated (men and women) screenings of Kroger Babb’s MOM & DAD (1945). Then again, history is repeating itself currently with schools’ teaching abstinence only.

dating dos
Next it’s “Dating Do’s and Don’ts” (1949) Coronet Films -This Kodachrome color film (the only color film in the set) is great camp fun just begging for MST3K to spoof it. As it is, it is so earnest and poorly acted that it is humorous on its own. Woody gets a ticket that admits two to a carnival, which means he needs a date!! He wants to take out Ann, whom we are assured,” knows how to have a good time” (oh dear.). The proper etiquette techniques are shown and discussed. It ends with Ann saying “Thanks so much. I had LOADS of fun.” Did we miss a scene with good time Ann?


maxresdefault (2)

We follow this with “Don’t talk To Strangers” (1950). Studio unknown, though I suspect this is a Sid Davis film. Davis seemed fixated about stranger danger films, ever since his first film, ‘The Dangerous Stranger” (1949, not on this disc). It is said John Wayne was convinced to give Davis the money for ‘Dangerous Stranger”, starting Sid Davis’ film career. A nervous man is looking for his next victim. One young girl escapes his clutches and writes down the license plate of the man’s car. The child’s mom, however does nothing (way to go, mom. Is this an everyday occurrence for your kid, lady?) so the man lures another child into his car. These films all seem to have characters who should just have signs saying Creep on them, though now we know a lot of these predators are not so obvious. The film is still disturbing.


“How to Say No Moral Maturity “(1951) Coronet Films “How can you say no and still keep your friends?” On a stage, a spotlight focuses on Bill, who leads us in possible socially awkward situations such as drinking and “petting”, and how to deal with them. In short,” Just Say No”, and to avoid smoking, share gossip (watch the short and see).


‘Beginning to Date” (1953) Coronet. A how to on teen dating. Our young hero shows what we need to know on planning a date, asking her out, how to talk with the girl’s parents, and how to properly say good night.


“Your Body During Adolescence” (1955) McGraw Hill The changes that happen to your body due to seven glands. This is one of those films that used near stick figure drawings and talked about hair growing and breasts enlarging that caused all the teenage giggles, often trying to show we were cool but also nervous covering because some of these things had yet to happen to us, except perhaps the cracking voices. This film, missing sprockets and frames, was still being shown in schools in the 1970s.

How To Say No 3

“How Much Affection?” (1958) McGraw Hill Some pretty old looking teenagers deal with heavy petting, and not going “too far”. Mary’s mom in this is pretty understanding, unusual for a 1950s piece. The feelings between Mary & Jeff almost went too far. Of course, we have Ilene, the over bleached blonde girl who allowed the boyfriend to go too far, and now she is unhappy with her life, due to caring for a baby and a husband who is miserable. “I sure miss the gang and all the fun we used to have in school”.

Finally,” Boys Beware” (1961, Sid Davis Productions,10 minutes) is a film that portrays sex offenders who go after young boys as ‘Homo-Sexual’, as the Jack Webb want to be detective narrator informs us. They imply that all ‘homo-sexual’ (as the spokesperson pronounces it) are sick individuals who cannot help themselves. One of the individuals looks like John Waters, who probably watched these films and chortled delighted to himself. One young boy, Jimmy, tells his parents of his older friend who took him to a hotel, and the individual is arrested. The boy is ‘let off with a warning’ (way to blame the victim mentality.). Some of the predators in this are hinted to not only molest young boys but even to murder them. In 1973, this low budget educational was remade in color. This terrible disinformation was to shock one ‘straight’, no doubt. There have been several spoof films of this movie that have been made, including “Beware of The Homosexuals” (not on this disc). Sadly, according to the American Psychiatric Association, until 1974 homosexuality was a mental illness. Sid Davis Productions made a companion film called “Girls Beware” (1961) that warned girls about the dangers of babysitting, rides with strangers and dating older men. No mention made of ‘les-beans’ being a danger to them.” Girls Beware” is also sadly not on this disc.

hqdefault (1)

Need anyone feel that these kids today are much more knowledgeable about sex today, in a 2012 L.A. Times article, one in 3 teenagers didn’t have a clue that they could get pregnant ( ‘Sex Can Cause Pregnancy ‘ http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/nationnow/2012/01/nearly-1-in-3-pregnant-teens-had-no-clue-they-could-get-pregnant.html ) They may be more active sexually, but it does not make them anymore informed than we were .

Whip this out for your date to ‘impress’ them (sexual entendre also intended) or for a bunch of your friends to do your own little commentary tracks. I hope that ALPHA VIDEOS continue to release these sexual history gems.


-Kevin G Shinnick



ESTRANGED -Win a Blu Ray of New Horror Thriller



ESTRANGED Blu-ray from WellGo USA

If you enjoyed INSIDIOUS and THE DEVIL INSIDE , you can now WIN a Blu Ray of their newest horror film, coming February 12 from WELL GO USA.

After years of partying abroad, a terrible accident has January (Amy Manson,”Once Upon a Time” ) confined to a wheelchair, with no memory of her past, her family, or the stately manor that was once her home. But something isn’t right. They say she ran away, but won’t tell her why. Her sister wishes she’d never come home. They’re locking her in at night. And the way her brother looks at her …



Also starring James Cosmo (“Game of Thrones”), Craig Conway (The Descent), James Lance (Marie Antoinette) and Eileen Nicholas (Trainspotting) under the guidance of first-time feature film director Adam Levins.

Special Features:
Making of Featurette / Trailer


putting ESTRANGED CONTEST in the heading ,
and in the body of the letter ,tell us your favorite Creepy House film .
Include you name ,address ,and contest info .

CONTEST limited to Continental U.S.

Winners will be chosen at random February 10,2016 .