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BROKEN HERO by Jonathan Wood

broken hero

A Scarlet the Film Magazine Book review

BROKEN HERO -by Jonathan Wood. (Titan Books http://www.TITANBOOKS.COM )429 pages $14.95 U.S. /$ 19.50 Canada/ £ 7.99 U.K. available at

“And you know how you can be fairly certain that the agency retreat has gone awry? When the giant mechanical robot smashes through the floor and starts to destroy everything in sight. That is exactly when.  ”  – from Broken Hero .

A fun, funny, and fast paced read, BROKEN HERO is James Bond style story where the hero has stumbled into the world of Douglas Adams’ HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.

Arthur Wallace is an agent of MI37, a super-secret agency that the British Government has created to deal with issues that fall outside the regular parameters of other agencies (think Torchwood).

In this, his fourth and supposedly final adventure, Arthur is now fighting Nazi Robots, The Uhrwerkmann, with the elderly Nazis not only wanting to destroy the world but are even bickering among two factions. Oh, and one faction has a reality bomb. A lot of pub hopping, fighting, more pubs, and near end of the world confrontations ensue.



The writing is crisp, and the story is exciting while never taking itself seriously. I think I am going to seek out the previous books in the series (NO HERO, YESTERDAY’S HERO, ANTI-HERO, as well as the short story “The Nyarlathotep Event “(referred to as Arthur Wallace 1.5), that appears in the collection THE BOOK OF CTHULHU II. All but the THE BOOK OF CTHULHU II are available from http://www.TITANBOOKS.COM .


Nazi Robots by AdamRyomaTazi                                                (art Nazi Robots by AdamRyomaTazi  )


-Recommended read.

-Kevin G Shinnick


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