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remembering where we come from REST IN PEACE , RICHARD VALLEY

OCTOBER 12, 2007  -publisher RICHARD VALLEY passed away after a two year battle with cancer.

From 1991 to 2006 ,  he was the publisher and soul of SCARLET STREET :the magazine of Mystery & Horror ,though it covered various other genres as the subject interested the writers and staff.

The title was a reference to SHERLOCK HOLMES (” A STUDY IN SCARLET’) and film noir (SCARLET STREET ).

The magazine ceased publication with Richard’s passing .

In January 2008, several of the magazine’s staffers announced their intention to publish a new magazine “in the tradition of Scarlet Street,” entitled SCARLET THE FILM MAGAZINE .The new magazine debuted in June 2008 .

SCARLET ran until Feb 4, 2014 release of issue 11. Shortly after it was beginning to ship,  a terrible fire engulfed the home of editor Harry H Long, destroying all stock of the magazine and files and computers, as well as completely destroying Harry’s home. Harry was left with third degree burns from which he is still recovering .

The print magazine has been put on hold for awhile but we hope to raise funds to get back to publishing .

In the interim, we have been publishing review on FACEBOOK under SCARLET THE FILM MAGAZINE REVIEWS .

Now we hope to begin publishing here as well .

We hope Richard would be proud .12068496_994757180576074_7704479731701234063_o

-Kevin G Shinnick


3 thoughts on “remembering where we come from REST IN PEACE , RICHARD VALLEY

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  2. Michael Klein says:

    Thank you, Richard and your staff for a wonderful run! I can happily remember a certain date of the month, anxious to get off for lunch in downtown Minneapolis, running to Shindler’s Book Store, and if Scarlett Street was on the shelf there, running to Barnes and Noble, and if no luck there, running to–well, let’s just say I hurdled a lot of snow drifts to get that magazine! I’m glad I was there to be a part of it. Michael Klein


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