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remembering where we come from REST IN PEACE , RICHARD VALLEY

OCTOBER 12, 2007  -publisher RICHARD VALLEY passed away after a two year battle with cancer.

From 1991 to 2006 ,  he was the publisher and soul of SCARLET STREET :the magazine of Mystery & Horror ,though it covered various other genres as the subject interested the writers and staff.

The title was a reference to SHERLOCK HOLMES (” A STUDY IN SCARLET’) and film noir (SCARLET STREET ).

The magazine ceased publication with Richard’s passing .

In January 2008, several of the magazine’s staffers announced their intention to publish a new magazine “in the tradition of Scarlet Street,” entitled SCARLET THE FILM MAGAZINE .The new magazine debuted in June 2008 .

SCARLET ran until Feb 4, 2014 release of issue 11. Shortly after it was beginning to ship,  a terrible fire engulfed the home of editor Harry H Long, destroying all stock of the magazine and files and computers, as well as completely destroying Harry’s home. Harry was left with third degree burns from which he is still recovering .

The print magazine has been put on hold for awhile but we hope to raise funds to get back to publishing .

In the interim, we have been publishing review on FACEBOOK under SCARLET THE FILM MAGAZINE REVIEWS .

Now we hope to begin publishing here as well .

We hope Richard would be proud .12068496_994757180576074_7704479731701234063_o

-Kevin G Shinnick


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